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Pipelines, offshore facilities or steel structures: Development keeps progressing and requirements are increasing. Parts are growing in size and geometries become more complicated. The coatings change, too. They required new, more modern methods. Where our existing machines and plants cannot help, we will bring in our technical developments. InProCoat may not be a mechanical engineering company in the strict sense, but our many years of experience and our accumulated knowledge enable us to develop and build specific machines to match the customer's wishes.

Successful in-house developments

The machines and systems designed by us are no standard constructions that you can find anywhere. They are unique technical creations that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Examples for this include our patented automatic flame spraying facility and our peeling system for plastic-coated pipes. Both systems were not simply designed on the drawing board. They are based on many years of experience among our users who are intimately familiar with the matter at hand. They know exactly what to pay attention to.

Automatic flame spraying for heavy and large parts

We are the world's only company with an automatic flame spraying facility for coating large parts to ISO 21809-1 and ISO 21809-3. It not only enables us to process pipes in the common sizes, but also line parts with a unit weight of up to 25 tonnes. This is more than any other company in the world can offer.

We developed a method in which the pipes to be coated are first heated to the required temperature with a convection oven. Then, they are applied with fusion-bonded epoxy coating (FBE) in an electrostatic procedure. An interim coating is applied to these during the gelling time. It leads to a strong bond between the two layers.

Finally, we apply a third layer of polyethylene or polypropylene by automatic flame spraying. The finished pipe is finally placed in a submersion tank for crystallisation.

Peeling of plastic-coated pipes

Polyolefin coatings may need to be removed from pipes again for many reasons. This used to be an elaborate and time-consuming task. In 2015, we developed a peeling system that performs this task fully automatically and with great efficiency. This globally unique and very clean method makes the removal of coatings relatively simple today.

Innovative technologies to your wishes

We will gladly let you use our development knowledge and our comprehensive experience in engineering. No matter if you are dealing with special products for which no coating solutions exist yet, or whether further development or improvement of an existing method is required: we will help you with our experience and knowledge. Contact us.


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