Logistics – Secure and efficient transport services from the factory to the destination

Even the very best coating is useless if your pipes or steel parts are not delivered to the construction site in time, endangering timely completion of your project. Our long experience avoids delays during transport and ensures that everything will arrive in time at the destination.

We make your goods arrive safely

No matter if you need storage on call, secure transport or completion of the export formalities: we will ensure that your industrial goods will survive their travels well. Professional packaging is part of our service range. So is delivery to the destination or transport to the overseas port desired by you. We have our own train connection that enables us to load goods on train waggons easily as well. We keep your assets safe no matter the chosen means of transport. Of course, we or our logistics partners will be available to you at any time for any logistics matters.

Overview of our logistics services:

  • Qualified logistics support for your project, from the query to delivery,
  • Cost-optimised selection of the transport provider (train, truck, ship, aeroplane),
  • Competent support in selection of transport routes and interim storage places, as well as
  • Professional customs and preferential processing.

Customs processing

While cargo traffic within the European Union is relatively simple, transport outside of the EU, and specifically overseas, may be connected to some challenges. While the customs regulations may differ greatly from country to country, the destination country's local language alone may pose a great obstacle to handling customs formalities smoothly.

We will gladly support you based on your needs and wishes. Let us help you process exports, including customs treatment, to leave you with more time for your actual core business.

Industrial packaging

On the street, on the rail, in the air or at sea: valuable industrial goods must be protected securely on the way to their destination. The same applies to storage and cargo transfer. Both of these also pose a high risk of damage, climate stress and other negative influences on the goods. We protect your assets with professional packaging, in correspondence with the respective directives and provisions. Trust in our long experience, our competence and reliability in preparing parts for transport.

From "S" to "XXL", we will pack parts of any size at the highest levels of responsibility and quality. We flexibly adjust to your wishes, offering not only cost-efficient simple solutions, but also must demanding individual packaging at professional terms.

We perform our packaging services outside of our factory as well. We can come to your site to pack your goods there.

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