Wet coating for effective corrosion protection

Permanent protection of your investments

Underground, above-ground or under water pipelines may be subject to extreme stress that will make the steel corrode over time. This leads to material fatigue, wear and function failure. In order to increase the pipes' service lives, while reducing repair and maintenance effort, lines must be resistant to water, salts, corrosive soil and chemicals, depending on their area of use. This also keeps the safety risks from damage low. We will apply your pipes with a high-quality wet coating that ensures effective corrosion protection in the long term.

Wet coating – this is how it works

Wet coating uses varnish as a liquid coating material. The steel is pre-treated, e.g. by blast de-rusting, before the coating is applied. Physical or chemical processes build up a continuous, firm coat. Single-component and two-component varnishes are available. Industrial use mostly focuses on the latter. The varnish component is mixed with a binder (hardening agent, resin) briefly before application in 2C varnishes. Then it cures without chemical reactions (without drying).

Blast de-rusting for pre-treatment

Blast de-rusting in accordance with DIN EN 12944 has become established as the best method for pre-treatment of steel surfaces before coating. We have various blasting systems that can implement to any desired standard degree of cleanliness. We use both metal and non-metal blasting agents.

Wet coating as corrosion protection

We perform all common coatings in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12944-5 in pipeline construction, steel construction and steel water construction. In the area of wet coating, we process solvent-free and low-solvent coatings as well as water-based corrosion protection materials.

Function coatings according to customer demand

Beyond corrosion protection, we offer many different function coatings that we can customise to your needs. No matter if you need special wear protection, antistatic properties or need to influence the flowing behaviour of gases: a specially formulated wet coating ensures the desired effect.

Offshore-coating – Corrosion protection on the high sea

Coatings for the offshore area need to live up to very special requirements. Only the highest-value coatings can survive the extreme conditions on sea in the long run. InProCoat has many years of experience with wet coating of offshore wind turbine components, such as boat landings, steel platforms, rotor hubs, nacelles and any other steel parts.

Coatings in the drinking water area

Our company has nearly every approval available for wet coating of facilities connected to drinking water. This sensitive area specifically requires outstanding quality and implementation. The highest demands to quality assurance must be met. We have worked with coatings for the drinking water area for more than half a century. Comprehensive knowledge on steel coating and many different methods of wet coating have accumulated in this period.

Wet coating on site

We supplement our factory capacities by coating steel directly at your construction site as well. We have a dedicated team for coating on site. The employees entrusted with this task have the knowledge and high-quality equipment for airless coating.

Contact us. We will inform you in detail about wet coatings as corrosion protection, and about function coatings. Let us find the best coatings for your application together.

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