Drinking-water coating – Pipe and container protection without danger to drinking water

Clean drinking water is a basic prerequisite for a healthy life. Therefore, it must meet high quality criteria and always comply with the highest demands. For this, the lines and containers used for drinking water supply must not emit any organic substances that would cause undesired contamination detrimental to health. Such facilities must only be coated using residue-free and solvent-free materials. They must meet the high demands of the UBA guideline concerning hygienic assessment of coatings in contact with drinking water (coating directive).

Drinking water – Germany's best-protected food

Towns and municipalities produce drinking water for their citizens either from their own sources or from remote springs, lakes and rivers through joint bodies. No matter where the water comes from: it will be subject to strict inspections according to the proviso of the drinking water regulation on the entire way to the consumer. The stipulated thresholds, e.g. concerning iron or manganese contents or other substances, such as minerals, must be observed.

While some raw waters already have drinking water quality, others require elaborate processing and painstaking cleaning processes. The physical and chemical cleaning or reaction processes in water treatment facilities pose the highest demands to the material and the technology of the water supply facilities. All this effort would be in vain if the water was to absorb contaminants again by flowing through inappropriately coated containers and pipes on its way to the consumer.

We have worked with drinking-water-related coatings for more than half a century. We know what matters most. Our company has nearly every single approval for drinking water coatings. We are able to ensure the best quality.

Drinking-water coating to protect the pipes

Hard water comes with a few disadvantages. It causes calcification in washing machines, water boilers and coffee makers. Cleaning of shower stalls and sinks takes more time. Higher detergent and washing agent dosages are necessary for a sufficient cleaning effect. Calcareous water has an important benefit for pipes made of metal, however. The minerals in it form a protective layer on the internal wall of the pipe. This protects the metal from the corrosive properties of water.

There is an increasing trend towards soft water. This may have some benefits, but the lack of minerals also prevents formation of a protective layer on metal surfaces. This way, oxygen and carbonic acid in the water can attack pipes and containers. Their corrosive effects lead to rust formation and pitting. High-quality drinking-water coating can replace the naturally formed calcination layer to help protect drinking-water lines.

Drinking-water coating according to ecological aspects

In order to meet the special demands of drinking water, InProCoat uses only materials listed in the UBA positive list for these coatings. These will comply with all statutory provisions for surface treatment of drinking water facilities.

Contact us and profit from our extraordinary competence in the area of drinking-water coating, our logistics experience and unparalleled smart services.

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