Industrial vehicle coating – A new shine for hard workers

The first impression counts. This not only applies to your appearance as a representative of your company, your company car or the company building, but also to the look of your industrial vehicles. They are usually exposed to more stress than passenger cars should be, and also suffer large and small paint damage more often. It is high time to think about a new coat of paint when the old coating starts to come off and the rusty spots are impossible to miss.

Agricultural technology in the corporate design – Give your company a consistent look.

Your vehicle fleet is good for more than its strictly practical use. It is your company's calling card. A new coat of paint enables you to make your industrial vehicles show off the corporate look. You can make them your company's calling card that is recognisable even from afar.

Industrial vehicle coating is a focus area of our factory in Schapen/Emsland. It has state-of-the-art cabins in which we give your vehicles a look that lives up to any high-quality automotive coating.

External coating

No matter if you want to freshen up the old shade, increase gloss or make your industrial vehicles part of your corporate identity: We will coat them just the way you prefer. Your imagination is the only limit.

Internal coating

Internal coating of industrial vehicles is important where aggressive media such as slurry must be transported. Our high-quality method makes a base coat by hot-dip galvanisation unnecessary. This saves plenty of time and avoids delays in industrial vehicle construction.

Slurry tank coatings

Slurry tanks are subject to severe strain, with the internal jacket bearing the main burden due to its contact with aggressive slurry. Rain, snow and other weather influences may also have a detrimental effect and corrode the external walls.

Internal coating for slurry tanks

Internal surfaces must be made resilient to keep even aggressive liquid manure from eating its way through the walls. Our professional internal coating ensures that liquid manure will not harm the tank walls even in the long run.

External coating for slurry tanks

An external coating protects slurry tanks from the influence of weather conditions that support corrosion. This prevents damage that would cause leaks over time.

Industrial vehicle coating in Schapen/Emsland

Our factory in Schapen/Emsland is ready for any kind of industrial vehicle coating. We are the right partner, no matter if you are looking to have your driver's cabs coated, or the truck container. Our company has state-of-the-art coating technology and uses only the highest-quality varnishes and materials. From glossy coats to part coating and multi-coloured designs, our experienced employees will put your wishes and ideas perfectly into practice.

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