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Coatings are used in many different economic areas. They protect against corrosion, improve fire protection or refine surfaces. The following industries are some of the most important areas of use of the coating systems offered by InProCoat:

Steel construction

Steel is one of the most important materials of our time. It has diverse uses and is cost-efficient. However, it corrodes when exposed to the atmosphere, soil or water. Effective coating systems prevent corrosion of steel. This avoids corrosion-related damage that clearly reduces the service life of steel structures and requires expensive repairs and restorations.

In addition to corrosion protection coatings, fire-protection coatings are important for steel construction as well. They protect steel girders from heat in case of a fire, preventing failure of the steel parts and the collapse of entire buildings or building parts for a certain period of time.

Energy management

Oil, gas or wind power (on- and offshore) – Energy production and transfer facilities are continually subject to weather conditions that promote corrosion and wear. They require adequate protection. Coatings protect the surfaces of pipes, steel girders and other parts from corrosion, abrasion, dirt, chemicals and moisture. They ensure the longest service lives of turbines, hydropower plants, biogas facilities, pipelines and other facilities for energy production. High-quality coating systems are particularly important in the offshore area, since repairs and restorations are difficult there.


The production processes and facilities of the chemical industry are particularly sensitive and susceptible to damage, since the surfaces of the parts used come into contact with aggressive materials and corrosive vapours. In order to avoid faults and failures, pipes and other elements must be protected with reliable coatings offer high corrosion resilience and temperature resilience.


Corrosion protection, wear protection, scratch-proofness and friction reductions are just some of the demands that coatings in the automotive area must live up to. Beyond this, the coatings' individual properties may be designed to secure safety and performance of vehicle components. However, this is not the only area of application for coatings in this industry.

High-quality protection, sliding and anti-adhesion coatings improve reliability in automation and increase service life of the machines and systems. Dirt-repellent coatings make cleaning easier, minimising downtimes and the use of consumables.

Plant construction

Plant construction uses many different types of pipes for various purposes. For example, high-pressure lines and cold-water insulation pipes are indispensable. Line systems for transporting liquid or gaseous input, materials, interim or final products are necessary as well. Coatings on steel pipes ensure high corrosion and chemical protection, thus presenting the best alternative to expensive basic materials such as stainless steel.

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