The results of our work can be found around the world. Offshore research stations in the North Sea or high-quality coatings on pipeline systems in Australia: Our company is rooted in the region, but at home around the world.

In the last ten years, we processed more than 25,000 (large) orders in the area of surface technology, blast de-rusting and coating several million square metres. Pipes with a total length of more than a thousand kilometres have run through our systems. The longest individual pipe was 50 metres long. Our industrial packaging has taken entire machine facilities into more than 100 countries around the globe. Our professionally built packaging has even reached the South Sea in good repair. Regarding construction sites, we are mostly at home in large energy management construction. Large pipelines, compressor stations and power plants: The mobile InProCoat units are always involved.

Find an overview of our references below.

  • South Stream/TurkStream
    • Project South Stream/TurkStream
    • Country Turkey
    • Description Automatic flame-spraying (FSPP) of more than 800 buckle arrestors
  • TransAdriatic Pipeline
    • Project TransAdriatic Pipeline
    • Country Italy
    • Description Automatic flame-spraying (FSPP) of 39 buckle arrestors
  • Zohr Field Development
    • Project Zohr Field Development
    • Country Egypt
    • Description Automatic flame-spraying (FSPE) of more than 100 buckle arrestors
  • Adidas „World of Sports“
    • Project Adidas „World of Sports“
    • Country Germany
    • Description R90 fire-protection coatings of nearly 60,000 sqm of steel construction
  • City IKEA Hamburg-Altona
    • Project City IKEA Hamburg-Altona
    • Country Germany
    • Description R30/R90 fire-protection coatings of nearly 20,000 sqm of steel construction
  • Steel pipe chimney
    • Project Steel pipe chimney
    • Country Germany
    • Description Coating of a 100-m-long steel pipe chimney with a diameter exceeding 6 m

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