Customer benefits – This is the added value you can expect from us

It is our ambition and obligations to provide great customer benefits. Coming as close as possible to perfectly meeting the wishes and ideas of our customers with flexible and individual services is our passion. We know what is important to you. We put the greatest value on meeting your orders to your utmost satisfaction. We have firmly implemented the following items in our corporate strategy.

Just-in-time deliveries from selected in-house competences.

We ensure timely, reliable deliveries with a dedicated laboratory, material procurement on short notice and dedicated, exacting inspectors.

Unser Know-how ist Ihre Sicherheit.

We not only apply coatings. InProCoat also has comprehensive logistics knowledge that ensures professional storage, packaging and secure transport of your products.

Our experience ensures the best solution for you.

Patents and national, as well as international, approvals for coating systems and their applications guarantee the high quality of our coatings just as much as our technically experienced employees do.

Our performance makes you more flexible.

Apart from many different coatings, we also take care of various types of processing, non-destructive testing and comprehensive further service for you.

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