InProCoat – Coating experience from nearly a century's corporate history

InProCoat, formerly Schneider+Co., has warranted high-quality corrosion and fire protection of large steel and NF-metal-surfaces for nearly a century. Our name represents highest quality, reliability and competence. We have two factories in Kreuztal, and Schapen (Emsland). We are one of few companies in Europe that can offer the entire last stage of industrial production as a complete solution under a single source.

Coating quality made in Germany

We are a leading partner for coatings, with above-average innovative power and great specialist knowledge that enables us to meet even the most complex of safety requirements. Our company's core services include fire-protection coatings and many different pipe coatings in accordance with DIN EN ISO 12944, e.g.:

  • 3LPE/3LPP-coatings in accordance with ISO 21809-1 or ISO 21809-3,
  • 1LPE/1LPP-coatings in accordance with DIN 30670,
  • Polyurethane hot-spray coatings in accordance with EN 10290,
  • EP hot-spray coatings,
  • Pipe-bend coatings,
  • Pipe formed piece coatings,
  • Pipe inner coatings (flow coating),
  • Subsequent weld coatings.

We have the largest automatic flame spraying facility in the world. We can coat buckle arrestors, pipes and pipe bends with unit weights of up to 25 tonnes with a three-layer polypropylene and polyethylene coating. Furthermore, we are the only company in the world that can peel plastic-coated pipes with variable diameters automatically and therefore very quickly. The high technical qualification and willingness of our employees to perform are clear competitive benefits and the key to our success. Additionally, we offer great product and service quality, ensuring optimal exaction of your orders in combination with approvals and patents for all coating systems and application fields.

No fear for new challenges

InProCoat is not just acting internationally. We are inspired globally. New ideas, technologies and application options come from around the world. We use them in our sites and develop them further. We are always open to new things. We actively design our development and like to take previously undiscovered paths to innovative, customised solutions for complex issues. All our services meet the highest demands and permit fire-protection and pipe coatings at competitive quality at all times. We have the courage to proactively face the constant change in our industry and the challenges from it. We implement new solutions into our corporate processes early on. Risks are carefully considered, while making sure that we can offer a service range in compliance with your current needs.

Innovation forms our future

We are a family-owned company that strives to live up to its social responsibility to ensure a sustainable perspective for ourselves and for our employees. Our central aim for the future is offering innovative products and services alike to ensure our company's success in the long run. The combination of ambition, confidence and courage forms an ideal basis for development of a creative corporate culture. This, coupled with being open to innovation, global inspiration and our experience of nearly a century, make us fit for future challenges.

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