Optimal pre-treatment ensures high coating quality

Demanding and resilient coatings require professional pre-treatment. For best adhesion, we will clean the surfaces of your pipes carefully of rust and tinder, before ensuring the correct roughness depth. We implement blast de-rusting with metallic and non-metallic blasting agents in any standard purity degree desired by you.

Best pre-treatment of the steel surfaces to be treated takes place by blast de-rusting methods according to DIN EN ISO 12944. We treat the surfaces of NF metals to meet your requirements to cleaning and surface roughness. This is done using glass beads or other ferrite-free blasting agents.

Blast de-rusting – far more than just sand-blasting

Blast de-rusting meets two tasks at once. On the one hand, we use it to remove rust, ringer and contaminations safely and thoroughly. On the other hand, the pipe surface is evenly roughened, thereby offering much better adhesion for the coating to be applied.

The colloquial term "sandblasting" has become established for the corresponding procedure. Strictly speaking, it is no longer entirely correct. While sand was used for this treatment in the past, entirely different types of blasting agents, such as glass beads, garnet sand, corundum and many others are used now.

The ejection speeds of modern blast de-rusting systems are currently in the range of 20 metres per second to approx. 300 metres per second. The maximum is already approaching the speed of sound. Compressed air is often used for acceleration to such high speeds. Facilities equipped with impellers may also apply centrifugal force.

Glass-bead blasting

Although they are only in the average range in terms of hardness, glass beads have a good abrasive effect and are therefore often used for sensitive parts. They are particularly suitable for cleaning and surface-treatment of elements made of stainless steel, aluminium and copper. The surface is hardened and strengthened at the same time, which clearly increases the parts' service lives. Use of glass beads also has the benefit that the shot-peening effect reduces tensions acting on the welds.

Garnet sand blasting

Garnet sand can be used for nearly any blasting work. This blasting agent is particularly suitable for hot-dip galvanised steel and for all NF metals. The natural, inactive and non-metal mineral is made of un-broken, irregularly shaped and differently rounded grains. The advantages of this material are, in particular, the low dust development and high abrasive effect. Garnet sand is also a highly economic blasting agent. Its consumption about 60 percent below that of other blasting agents.

Other blasting agents

We at InProCoat also use other ferrite-free blasting agents than glass beads and garnet sand. Corundum is one of them. Our facilities are designed to enable us to flexibly handle our customers' individual wishes and to implement special requirements as well.

Sweeping – Roughening surfaces without damaging them

Sweeping, or compaction blasting, is deemed one of the most efficient preparation methods for subsequent coating. This procedure is a special form of sand blasting for cleaning and roughening surfaces. It uses non-metal, edged blasting agents

This method is used in particular for hot-dip galvanised surfaces according to DIN 1461, in order to drive gases from the zinc layer and break open the pores for a very good adhesion of the coating. This method of blast de-rusting is also ideal for surface pre-treatment of raw steel.

InProCoat – Your partner for qualified blast de-rusting

Our company has the experience needed to perform blast de-rusting economically and ecologically at our factory or at your site. Use of suitable blasting agents is a matter of course for us. We are familiar with the environmental regulations for such work as well. Our knowledge and comprehensive technical equipment enable us to implement orders of any scope.

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