Inspection services – we inspect your coatings in accordance with FROSIO and NACE

No matter if you are planning, building or operating pipelines, offshore facilities or chemical facilities: Defective coatings cause damage to materials and parts that may impair man and the environment, cause unplanned standstills and expensive production failures. We can have your coatings accepted and corrosion damage examined by our FROSIO and NACE inspectors.

FROSIO coating inspection in accordance with NS 476

Corrosion protection coatings greatly influence stability, function and therefore also the service life of pipelines and steel structures. The choice of a suitable coating system and its professional application on buildings near sea water, offshore and where special requirements to corrosion protection apply are of particular importance. Professional execution of inspection work, including its monitoring and recording by competent, outstandingly trained staff is indispensable in these areas.

We are happy to offer you coating inspection in accordance with FROSIO Level 3 as a service.

Our service range in this context comprises:

  • Monitoring of corrosion protection specification,
  • Monitoring of process and work instructions, as well as completing checklists,
  • Monitoring and logging of coating processes,
  • Executing and logging of various test methods according to current standards,
  • Identification and recording of critical items and
  • Data analysis and assessment.

Our FROSIO-Level-3 inspectors have more than five years of relevant experience, including at least two years of documented inspection experience. They are able to apply special measuring and documentation methods and to compile expert reports.

What does FROSIO mean?

FROSIO is an advisory board headquartered in Norway that is internationally recognised in the area of training and certification of coating inspectors. Founded by the industry in 1986, the organisation was meant to cover the growing demand for qualified and certified staff in the area of corrosion protection and surface treatment.


NACE coating inspection

The Coating Inspector Programme of NACE has set the standard for inspections in the protective coating industry for more than three decades. At the same time, it is the most widely internationally recognised certification program for coating inspectors.

Our NACE-level-2 inspectors perform non-destructive tests of liquid and non-liquid varnishes on any substrate in workshops, factories and facilities.

Regular coating inspection prevents corrosion from coating failure

Coating of pipelines, steel structures and parts for technical facilities may suffer from issues that impair corrosion protection during pre-treatment, application and hardening. Regular condition analyses on the object are required in order to recognise these early on and to take the corresponding measures. Our coating inspections according to the FROSIO Level 3 and NACE Level 2 make sure that your coatings can meet all their specified functions.

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