Coatings for energy management– interference-free power supply from high-quality coating systems

Energy management is an important part of today's economy. There is hardly any industry that does not need some form of energy. Gas or oil pipelines or biogas, hydropower plants or wind turbines for power generation – transport of fuels must be as reliable as energy generation and forwarding of the energy to the respective consumer. Since energy-management systems are subject to a great amount of weather and other harmful influences, such as abrasion, chemicals and dirt, they need effective protection that reduces corrosion damage and wear, and that ensures the highest usage duration without expensive downtimes. Our high-quality coatings can be used here. They are customised to aggressive ambient conditions to increase your equipment's service life, and therefore also its economic efficiency.

Coatings for overhead masts/electricity masts

Overhead lines and electricity masts on land are subject to slightly less strain than offshore facilities, but nevertheless require adequate corrosion protection in order to meet their purpose for many years. We coat such transmission network parts with water-based solvent-free coating systems that meet all demands to environmental compatibility and sustainability. Of course, we will also take care of the required logistics for transport to the construction site and perform improvement work right on site.

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