Coatings in plant engineering – improving usage options, increasing service life

Corrosion, friction and wear greatly determine the limits of use and the usage duration of process-engineering systems. Modern coating systems allow clear improvements in this respect and can even implement new functions. Depending on their properties and composition, coatings can be used in many different areas of plant engineering. Our service range includes, among other things:

  • Coatings of pipe systems,
  • Drinking water coatings and
  • Special coatings of grinders.

There are no limits to the possible uses of coatings in plant engineering. We implement your wishes and requirements comprehensively and precisely.

Comprehensive knowledge for long-term corrosion protection

Coating systems for plant engineering must resist various influences and stresses to minimise corrosion and wear in the long run and to significantly contribute to value preservation. We implement surface protection of pipelines and formed pieces with a large range of coating methods and materials. All of these meet the high demands in this demanding area of use. The coating systems used by InProCoat correspond to the specifications of European and international standards, and promise optimal protection under the influence of acids, alkalines, vapours, liquids and other media that support corrosion. Thanks to the surface hardness that can be reached this way, and the options for colour design, they will give your process-engineering systems a visually attractive appearance for a long time.

Coatings as a safety factor in plant engineering

Power plants, chemical industry, food and fertiliser-processing companies or drinking water production – operators of process-technical systems are responsible for the safety of their employees, systems and the environment. Corrosion protection coatings play a considerable role in this. They prevent rust from rendering pipelines and other parts permeable and letting environmentally hazardous substances get outside. Of course, we ensure that the coatings also do not pose any risk to people and the environment. Use of ecologically harmless products (low-solvent, heavy-metal-free) is as much a matter of course for us as the use of suitable measures against release of hazardous substances during coating.


Our benefits for your technical systems

Aggressive media, moist environments, high stress of the material – there are many circumstances that benefit corrosion. Special coatings for plant engineering can produce non-porous surfaces with protection effects and thereby prevent the formation of rust. We find the matching coatings and optimal procedure for your application in order to make your systems more effective and avoid failures from corrosion and wear. Depending on demand, our corrosion protection coatings can meet further requirements, such as food conformity. Different colourations are possible as well. Contact us today and let us advise you in detail.


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