Chemicals coatings protect systems against aggressive media

Product-contacting parts of chemicals systems must resist great challenges. Corrosive and abrasive media and high reaction temperatures put a great strain on the system parts. This would increase wear and clearly reduce service lives without the corresponding protection. Coatings increase the corrosion and temperature resilience of components, thereby extending service life. Purity plays an important role for chemical processes as well. Even the smallest contaminations by rust particles can reduce efficiency and influence the end product's quality.

Main benefits of coatings for the chemicals and petrochemical industries

Chemicals factories process extremely aggressive media. The facilities must be protected against these with special systems such as polysiloxanes or thermal metal spray systems. They help economically and ecologically service pipelines, tank facilities and containers. They clearly reduce maintenance and repair effort by protecting them against corrosion in the long term. Outer coating and inner coating alike are very important in pipeline construction. Pipes in which aggressive media flow specifically require high-quality protection to achieve sufficient service lives. Since coatings significantly increase the resilience of cost-efficient steels, they help avoid the use of more expensive metals. This saves a lot of costs. Product loss from disintegration of the workpiece and adhesions is reduced, and contamination of the medium in the pipe by rust particles that would form during materials disintegration is prevented.

Innovative coatings at InProCoat

Polymer coatings and epoxy-based flow coats have proven their worth especially in the chemicals industry. Refining plastics to be hydrophobic leads to very good anti-adhesion and traction properties, outstanding corrosion protection and long durability. At the same time, they offer good anti-adhesive properties and are comparatively easy to clean.

Automatic flame spraying

Plastic-coating of pipes is one of the absolute specialities of InProCoat. No matter if you need inner or outer coatings: we work with many coating methods that cover all requirements in the chemical area. Our automatic flame spraying method (FSPE, FSPP) is unique in the world. This patented procedure enables us to coat even pipes with unit weights in excess of 15 tonnes. The fully automatic flame-spraying method permits 3LPP- and 3LPE-coating of pipes in accordance with ISO 21809-1.

Fully automatic 3LPE/3LPP-coating

Our long-term experience in the coating area enabled us to make polyolefin coating of pipe bends perfect. We are able to coat pipe bends with many different diameters in the 1LPE/1LPP-method in large submersion tanks. A conversion that is currently underway is meant to give us the world's first fully automatic equipment for 3LPE/3LPP-coating of pipe bends in accordance with ISO 21809-1 and ISO 21809-3 soon as well. We will gladly inform you in more detail about our innovative coating methods for the chemical industry in an individual consultation. Contact us by phone or email.

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