Innovative pipe coating – best protection for your pipes

High-quality coating protects your pipes from many different influences. The professionally executed coating ensures a long service life and can also be sensible for visual reasons.

Plastic coating of pipes, in particular the external coating, is one of our company's absolute specialities. Line pipes, buckle arrestors or riser pipes: we have the matching coating method for any application. Some of our methods, such as automatic flame spraying (FSPE, FSPP), are unique in the world and patented for us.

Automatic flame spraying for buckle arrestors and other parts

InProCoat is the only company in the world with an automatic flame spraying facility that can produce coatings in compliance with ISO 21809-1. Beyond this, we can coat pipes with unit weights in excess of 15 tonnes:

The pipes to be coated are first heated to the required temperature in a convection oven and then electrostatically applied with an FBE (fusion-bonded epoxy) coating. During the gel time of the coating, an intermediate coating is applied to the FBE, which achieves a strong bonding between the two layers. The third layer (polypropylene or polyethylene) is then applied by automatic flame spraying. The coating process is completed by quenching of the finished pipe for cooling.

3LPE/3LPP-pipe coating

Our modern pipe coating facility lets us apply pipes with a classical 3LPE/3LPP-coating in accordance with ISO 21809-1 or ISO 21809-3. The advantage as compared to conventional coating facilities is in the extremely short setup times for pipes with different diameters. This makes our facility perfect for small amounts. We do not need any push or pull pipes.

This method is suitable for:

  • Pipe diameters from 323 to 1,620 mm,
  • Pipe lengths of 5,800 to 12,300 mm and
  • Pipe weights of up to 30,000 kg.

Polyurethane hot spray coating

Hot-spray coatings with polyurethane (PUR) or epoxy (EP) in accordance with DIN EN 10289 and 10290 are solvent-free and physiologically harmless. They are particularly suitable for application in the drinking water and food areas. Their main areas of use are internel and external coatings of:

  • Pipes,
  • Pipe formed pieces,
  • Containers and fittings.

Hardening of pipes coating with this method only takes a few hours. This guarantees short throughput times and quick availability of the pipes to be coated for your applications.

Bend coatings

Thanks to our many years of working in the coating area, we have been able to greatly improve polyolefin coating of pipe bends. In our large submersion tanks, we coat pipe bends of many different diameters in the 1LPE/1LPP-method. At the moment, our system is under conversion. We will soon have the world's first fully automatic facility for 3LPE/3LPP-coating of pipe bends in accordance with ISO 21809-3. This way, we can reach an entirely new level of efficiency and quality.

Stripping polyolefin-coated pipes

Polyolefin coatings may need to be removed from pipes again for many reasons. This used to be an elaborate and time-consuming task. Thanks to a stripping system developed by us in 2015, we are able to strip the external coating off pipes fully automatically. This globally unique and highly clean method is also extremely efficient. Removing the coating isn't an issue anymore at all.

Internal pipe coating

An internal coating using flow coats not only improves corrosion protection of your pipes but can also improve the flow properties by reducing internal surface roughness.

InProCoat has the right coatings for your applications

No matter what properties you want your pipes to have: We can find the best coating method for your applications. As a leading company in the area of pipe coating, we will implement many different plastic coatings for you for permanent protection of your parts. Contact us and rely on our competent advice.

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