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Specialist for reactive fire-protection systems

Even though steel itself is not flammable and will not emit any harmful gases under fire, fire poses a special challenge for the load-bearing structure of a steel construction. The heat produced in case of fire may reduce the carrying-capacity of steel girders, which will considerably weakening the structural properties. A customised fire-protection concept is needed in order to counter the negative effects of fire. Fire-protection coatings as a passive fire-protection measure plays an increasingly important role both in steel construction and in structures made of wood or concrete.

Fire-protection coatings – advantages beyond fire protection

Steel girders and steel supports lose their carrying capacity under load at temperatures above 500 °C. To prevent exceeding of this critical temperature in case of fire, effective fire protection is required in the form of a fire-protection covering or fire-protection coatings. The latter is particularly suitable when steel structures are to remain visible for reasons of design. This is often the case in steel hall construction.

Thanks to their smooth surface, the fire-protection coatings do not look any different from conventional coatings. Only a few millimetres thick, they highlight the delicate steel structures. Since the colour design is not limited, architects can make their plans freely.

Fire-protection coatings have a low dead weight. They do not need to be considered in calculation and do not demand elaborate maintenance. Since the covering lacquers offer corrosion protection in addition to fire protection, they essentially contribute to preventing the building's value.

Fire-protection coatings in the factory and on site

Our company specialises in coating with fire-protection systems of the fire resistance classes R30 to R120 in accordance with DIN EN 13501-2.

Overview of fire resistance classes in accordance with DIN EN 13501-2 and DIN 4102-2

Building-supervisory requirements DIN EN 13501-2 DIN 4102-2
flame-retardant R30 F30
highly flame-retardant R60 F60
fire-resistant R90 F90
fire-resistant for at least 120 min R120 F120

With the application methods we use in our factory, we can cover steel girders and other parts with a primer, the fire-protection coatings and, if desired by you, a covering varnish within 24 hours. This ensures just-in-time deliveries at all times.

Thanks to four sites across Germany, we are able to implement even large projects reliably and in a timely manner.

Fire-protection coatings on the construction site

In addition to the capacities in our factory, we have a dedicated team that works only on construction sites. Our employees have the knowledge and equipment to apply fire-protection or wet coatings to steel girders or other elements right at your construction site.

Steel de-rusting – optimal pre-treatment for subsequent fire-protection coatings

Fire-protection coatings need good pre-treatment for perfect results. The best preparation for steel surfaces to be protected is steel de-rusting according to DIN EN ISO 12944, which we can perform in any desired standard degree of purity. We use both metallic and non-metallic blasting agents in order to remove rust, tinder or mill scale and to improve the adhesive properties of a surface by roughening it.

InProCoat – Your partner for effective fire protection

Varnishes applied to steel increase the material's fire resistance duration and improve the protection of steel structures against damage in case of fire. At the same time, the fire-protection coatings contribute to corrosion protection, thereby extending the service life of steel parts.

InProCoat is your reliable partner for effective, professional fire protection. We will gladly be available to you for detailed consulting around the subject of fire-protection coatings. Let us find the best solution for your project together.

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