Automotive coatings – far more than just corrosion protection

Coatings and paints for industrial vehicles must meet particularly high demands. Not only permanent protection of the car body and the inner floor structure against corrosion play a role here, but also water-tightness, reduction of friction, wear-protection, scratch-proofness, easy cleaning and visual factors. Depending on the respective vehicle component, other individual properties of the coating may also optimise security and performance of the parts.

Coatings against corrosion and rust

One of the most important coatings in the automotive area is for rust protection. There are multiple reasons for this. Corrosion on load-bearing parts may be a long-term safety risk. Rust on the car body causes the car paint to delaminate and form ugly blisters. This negatively affects the vehicle's value while also causing costly repairs without any guarantee of success. Rust often reappears in the same spot after a while. Our coatings for industrial vehicles and agricultural technology systems ensure long-term corrosion protection and permanent gloss even under harsh daily conditions. Since the coating effectively prevents rust and surface scratches, safety is ensured as well as the material and visual value of the vehicles. All coatings for the industrial vehicle area are high-performance and meet the high standards and strict provisions of the automotive industry.

Fire-protection coatings of battery covers

If lithium ion batteries installed in modern electrical vehicles catch fire, they can quickly reach temperatures of up to 1,000 °C. Fire-protection coating of the battery cover prevents the fire from spreading into the entire car and is therefore an important component for vehicle safety.

Plant coatings in the automotive area

In addition to the coatings of the vehicles as such, low-maintenance systems and short throughput times are important criteria for efficient, economic production processes in the automotive industry as well. Protection, sliding and anti-adhesion coatings may increase the service life of machines and systems and optimise reliability of production.

High-quality coating solutions by InProCoat

The comprehensive quality management of InProCoat considers the current standards of the automotive industry and ensures compliance with industry-specific requirements to material composition, layer tolerances and environmental specifications. We have been active in the coating industry for many years. We use our specialist knowledge to offer you outstanding coating systems and painting processes. Tried and tested procedures such as the fully automatic wet coating are used to optimally coat your industrial vehicles. We can develop exclusive coating concepts for you if you need a customised solution for your task. Contact us today for consumer technical consulting and convince yourself of the quality of our coatings for the automotive area.

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