Coatings in steel construction – Corrosion and fire-protection coatings to protect steel structures

Steel is a common building material. However, it corrodes in the air, in water and in the soil if not protected with coatings. The corrosion of steel and the structures made of it can be prevented by high-quality coatings. These can also avoid fire damage caused by excessive heat.

Fire-protection coating of steel girders

Temperatures of only 500 °C will damage unprotected steel parts and make the entire steel structure unsafe. Fire-protection coatings protect steel elements from heat damage in case of a fire. They prevent failure of steel girders and other parts for a certain period. This effectively counters the risk of collapse of burning buildings. We apply intumescents that will form to protect the steel girders in fire resistance classes F30, F60, F90 or F120. Our state-of-the-art coating systems are not only tested by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik (DIBt), but also approved in various other European countries. This means that we can also coat your steel girders on construction sites outside of Germany.

A combination of fire protection and corrosion protection

Our fire-protection coatings are reactive fire-protection systems. According to the general building-supervisory approval, they are made of at least two components. The first one is a corrosion protection coating. The second component reacts with the heat of a fire, forming a cooling layer of foam within seconds that encloses the steel girders and that protects it from temperature-related damage for a certain time. A topcoat in your chosen shade will make the coating less noticeable and perfectly emphasises the delicate architecture of visible steel elements.

Corrosion protection coatings in all corrosive classes

In addition to applications of highly effective fire-protection coatings, InProCoat specialises in strict corrosion protection coatings as well. Among other things, the following requirements can be covered depending on the type of coating.

  • Weather-resilience,
  • Preventing the growth of mould and moss,
  • Steel becomes water-repellent,
  • Resilience to oil and dirt,
  • Higher resilience against mechanical effects,
  • Chemicals resistance.

To find the matching corrosion protection system, it is important to determine the corrosiveness category of your project. DIN EN ISO 12944 is a vital basis for this, since it classifies the atmospheric features of the respective macro- and microclimates. Systems and constructions in urban and industrial atmospheres with moderate sulphur dioxide contamination or moderate coastal climates, for example, usually only need category C3, while offshore facilities must be protected from corrosion with coatings of category C5-M.

Steel coatings of InProCoat

We will gladly help you choose the right coating system with our many years of experience and our knowledge. Our offer includes:

  • Fire-protection coating to comply with statutory provisions in new construction of buildings (e.g. for halls, office buildings, parking garages),
  • Primers in steel construction (small or large),
  • Functional special coatings with a good visual effect as well.

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