Classical large container coating in the Emsland

We were able to prove our skill and specialist knowledge once more in the scope of large-container coating. Our plant in the Emsland specialises increasingly in large and heavy parts, due to its outstanding traffic connection to land and sea transport routes and its high-tech coating facilities.


15. Jul. 2018/ InProCoat
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Single-layer PE-/PP-coating by sintering possible again starting in summer

The pipe market requires more and more flexible solutions. We have the right answers to its demands. Our plant for flame-spray coating of pipes and buckle arrestors is unique in the world. We have technically modified it to enable us to apply single-layer sinter coatings as well. The re-equipment time between the individual processes is just a few hours. This enables us to react extremely quickly…

15. Jun. 2018/ InProCoat
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Development of an automatic pipe bend coating facility for 3LPE/3LPP-coatings by automatic flame-spraying method

The procedure we developed for coating of buckle arrestors with automatic flame spraying enables us to coat every pipe geometry with an 3LPE or 3LPP-coating in accordance with ISO 21809-1. We have now also transferred this globally protected procedure to pipe bends and developed a system for fully automatic coating by flame-spraying method in the last few years. We are the first company in the…

15. May. 2018/ InProCoat
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Expansion of our test laboratory – New thermal analysis system

Our own thermal analysis system has been running in our test laboratory since April. The smart-sense device has a 700 °C furnace and can determine oxidation induction time (OIT) as well as differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) of organic substances.


Oxidation induction time is an essential criterion for the quality of applied polymer plastics, such a polyethylene or polypropylene. External…

15. Apr. 2018/ InProCoat
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Removal of coatings by the fully automatic procedure

Sometimes the coating just has to be removed for some reason or another. STL Oil & Gas from Bulgaria had such a special task for us. We are currently processing an order for STL Oil & Gas in which we remove the coating from more than 100 plastic-coated pipes.

15. Nov. 2017/ InProCoat
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