Plastic coating of large pipes weighing up to 20 tonnes

The pipe market is changing more and more and at increasing speed. Standard line pipes are more and more often produced in Asia, while the local pipe manufacturers focus more strongly on special productions. This is the case in the order of Erndtebr├╝cker Eisenwerk GmbH & Co. KG (EEW) as well.

19. Oct. 2017/ InProCoat
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Fire-protection coatings for the Adidas "World of Sports" in Herzogenaurach

The architecture of modern office and residential buildings is continually developing. Such buildings used to be made almost exclusively of concrete. The share of steel is clearly increasing today, for reasons of sustainability and environmental compatibility: Steel can be recycled completely.


04. Sep. 2017/ InProCoat
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Germany's largest steel pipe chimney has been coated in Emsland

Our plant in Schapen (Emsland), taken into operation in 2015, is optimally equipped for processing of large and heavy parts. Germany's largest steel pipe chimney was recently coated there. The client was Josef Jasper GmbH & Co. KG, located on the property adjacent to us. The spatial proximity between the two companies was one of the great competitive benefits when processing this order.


08. Jun. 2017/ InProCoat
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The first buckle arrestor pipes for the Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) have been delivered

The coating of buckle arrestor pipes for deep-sea installation of oil and gas lines is one of our specialities. We have developed a coating system using automatic flame-spraying. It makes us the leading company for coating these special pipes world-wide.


11. May. 2017/ InProCoat
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