Removal of coatings by the fully automatic procedure

Sometimes the coating just has to be removed for some reason or another. STL Oil & Gas from Bulgaria had such a special task for us. We are currently processing an order for STL Oil & Gas in which we remove the coating from more than 100 plastic-coated pipes.

Our engineers developed a special peeling system that is able to remove the coating bit by bit down to the steel fully automatically. The plastic coating is induction-heated and then removed with a special cutter. The removed coating is recycled again and turned into plastic chairs at a later time.

This order from STL Oil & Gas is not limited to removing the old coating. It also includes non-destructive manual (MUT) and automatic (AUT) ultrasound testing on the steel body, as well as re-coating afterwards. We are increasingly turning into a service provider all around the product "pipe".

The order is performed in our factory in Kreuztal.

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